Friday, June 8, 2007

Points of Departure: Six Australian Artists, Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY, May 3-June 30, 2007

John Aslandidis, Richard Bell, Cathy Blanchflower, Christopher Dean, Helga Groves, and Matthew Johnson

John Aslandis, Sonic Current No 1 (2006), Oil and Acrylic on canvas, 42" x 50"

Cathy Blanchflower, Xenon VI (2007), Oil on canvas, 58" x 48"

Helga Groves, Precipitation (2007), oil, pigement and medium on canvas, 39.5" x 55'

1950s-1960s Kinetic Abstraction, Andrea Rosen Gallery, June 27-August 24, 2007, New York, NY

Hartmut Böhm, Gianni Colombo, Gerhard von Graevenitz, Julio Le Parc, Heinz Mack, François Morellet, Jesús Rafaël Soto, and Jean Tinguely. Curated in collaboration with Erika Hoffmann

Hartmut Böhm, "Quadratrelief 66," 1970, 104 x 104 x 4 cm, Plexiglas, Museum Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Gift from the McCrory Collection, New York